Your logo is the face of your company. Its part of your brand. Want to know how to separate your brand from your competitors? Glad you asked.

We’ve been doing that for years.

How we work.

Creative Brief.

Usually generated by both client and Argus. This does a lot of things to focus the project deliverables, make the process efficient and not waste time and client money.

Design/Concept Phase.

Here is where the rubber meets the road. Keeping in mind the clients’ desired look and feel, ideas are generated for further review.

Client Review.

This is feedback time. Based on the agreed-upon creative brief, we discuss what execution(s) best address the objectives in the creative brief.


Based on the client review, refinements are made to the “heros” and re-presented.

Final result.

The “Hero” logo is chosen and repurposed in various formats for use.

Beernuts for everyone!

How much should a logo cost?

A logo can cost anywhere from $200 to (pick a number). What determines the cost is the complexity of the logo, scope of design exploration, and time invested.

Rest assured, with Argus there will be no surprises in the invoice at the end of the project. We honor every project agreed-upon cost, unless the scope of work changes, in which case, the project will be re-estimated.

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